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The Marquess of Zenete is the area of ​​the region of Guadix which has a stronger historical geographical identity.

One of the most striking features of the landscape are the huge slag heaps (the “empty your”) of the iron mines of Alquife, now closed.

The ten municipalities that comprise it, all located above 1,100 m.s.n.m. occupy a large area of ​​the north face of Sierra Nevada and sedimentation plain that opens up between this sierra and that of Baza. The Marquess has been since prehistory a mining area par excellence and some farms still remain open. In fact, one of the most striking features of the landscape are the huge slag heaps (the “empty your”) of the iron mines of Alquife, now closed. The natural resources of the area are not only varied, but abundant, which has ensured the development of populations and a wide range of activities, mining, agriculture and livestock and now, rural tourism, which benefits from its historical and artistic heritage of its rich environment. Much of the territory is included in the National and Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, home to the highest peaks of the peninsula and high mountain ecosystems with many endemic species, as well as stunning remains of modeling glacier.

Path: Circular

Approximate: 1 day

Travel Distance: 21 km.

Maximum height: 1,900 m.

Minimum height: 1,260 m.


This route runs mostly the road since ancient times have used herdsmen and shepherds to access the Sierra de Jérez and the old forest nursery Posterillo. We start from the center of the Moralillos fire towards the village. Shortly before reaching the paved road, we begin a gentle climb on a dirt track that shortly later becomes a path bordered by lush vegetation. In a few minutes we went to the old flour mill San Torcuato, later converted into a seminary of the bishopric of Guadix, which was in operation until the mid-’80s. For this stretch, which runs along the Cañada del Camino Real of Granada, we leave to the sides several traditional grain mills, to get into the limits of the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada. Following a marked trail, which offers magnificent views of the mountains and the Alhorí ravine, we reached the old tree nursery and refuge Posterillo, which skirted in search of higher elevations along a path that rises shortly after finishing the fence . After passing a series of farmhouses in ruins, we crossed the river a few meters Alhorí Pier bulls El Toril. From here starts a steep path that winds through the pines until reaching the Loma de Enmedio, 1,900 m., Next to the refuge of Postero Alto, where we can rest before starting back. For the descent we use a firewall that leads to the recreation area Tizná beside the River Alcázar, where we connect with the main track. Following her, we find a path that descends to the vicinity of Jérez del Marquesado, from where we return to the starting point.