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Badlands are one of the most characteristic parts of the region of Guadix. The landscape of badlands or “bad lands” is caused by the erosive action of water on very flimsy materials such as clays, silts and sands.

Most of the Guadix is ​​occupied by sedimentary deposits of this type, on which water has opened valleys, ravines and gorges like those in this route can be observed.

A landscape that specific modeling correspond some forms of human occupation equally specific: the agricultural landscape of cock and habitat of caves, a result of many centuries of history. While all this area has been occupied at least since recent prehistory, it is in Roman times when, with the founding of the Joint Action (Guadix) colony acquires greater prominence: the city of Guadix, the thermal baths of Graena, the roads, that the name Beas reminds us, the villas as Paulenca, etc. However, currently the most visible features of the area have their origins in medieval times: the irrigation systems in the region and the first cave-shelter, around which almost all peoples of caves emerged today. The final Christianization of the area occurred in the sixteenth century and of this age are most churches in which, as is typical of Moorish, Christian forms with Muslim techniques are combined. Currently, the area, in addition to the above, excellent wines and a craft itself offers.
Path: Circular
Approximate: 1 day
Travel Distance: 26 km.
Maximum height: 945 m.
Minimum height: 1,157 m.


The itinerary proposed in this Circular route proposed mainly by areas of badlands a tour. We start Paulenca, small village of caves in which it was excavated some years ago one of the most luxurious Roman villas of Granada. Continue to Beas and Marchal, and in the valley of the river Alhama, along a path in which the typical semiesteparia vegetation of the “badlands” with the repopulation of pines and cultivated areas with olive trees, fruit trees and orchards alternates. Up the valley of the river we see some early medieval cave-refuge oldest, now almost inaccessible. In the upper reaches of Alhama we arrived at Polícar, a village in the highlands, famous for its “wine country” from where we can see magnificent views of Sierra Nevada and the valley of the Alhama own. From there we started again return to our starting point.