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Benalúa is closer to the confluence of the Guadix-Green and Fardes rivers, in the heart of the Hoya de Guadix.

Benalúa is mentioned for the first time immediately after the Christian conquest as Menaluga written sources, whose meaning is not yet clarified.

Typical village of caves, share with other similar villages in the region a landscape of stark contrasts: to the north the extensive area of ​​badlands along kilometers and kilometers to the south opens we find the fertile plain of small terraced plots by running irrigation ditches, some of them centuries old. Benalúa is mentioned for the first time immediately after the Christian conquest as Menaluga, whose meaning is not clear written sources. In those same sources it mentioned the existence of a watchtower, from which nothing remains today. Around this tower they had established the first caves, in recent times the Kingdom of Granada and near a major means of communication: the road of Jaen, heir to the Roman Via Augusta. Benalúa, in addition to the architectural complex of industrial modernism that makes up the old sugar factory and where today the City Council and other public buildings is, we recommend visiting the neomudéjar church, the neighborhood of caves and the viewpoint of Cerro Kabila, from where observe all the contrasts of the landscape of badlands and vega.

Path: Circular
Difficulty: Low
Duration approx. 1 hour 5 minutes
Hiking distance: 3.7 km.
Maximum height: 850 m.
Minimum height: 820 m.

This route offers you a pleasant walk through the valley of Benalúa. The starting point is the road that connects with Fonelas Benalúa. From there and a dirt track we continue to walk among orchards where peach trees, the most abundant fruit of this area abound. Shortly before reaching the Fardes river and the station Fonelas, we cross the road to follow a dirt track which partly follows the old cattle way wash Paulenca, reaching the shores of Guadix river, near its confluence with the Fardes. Following the path that traces the river we will go to the county road Benalúa-Bejarín, where we will end the ride.