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La Peza is located in the foothills of Sierra Nevada and very close to the contact zone between it and the Sierra de Huétor.

La Peza was the most important in the “old path from Guadix to Granada ‘until the early nineteenth century, when the current path by the Puerto de la Mora was favored road station.

The mountainous landscape dominates almost the entire municipality and favors the predominance of activities related to the exploitation of the mountain, farming, beekeeping, wood … The Legend of Carbonero Mayor, transmitted by Pedro Antonio de Alarcon, reminds us that until a few years ago charcoal making was a fundamental activity in La Peza.

La Peza was the most important in the “old path from Guadix to Granada ‘until the early nineteenth century, when the current path is favored by the Puerto de la Mora road station. Testimony of this paper are the ruins of the medieval castle that remain at the top of the village and spent the night in which J. Muenzer in the late fifteenth century. Thereafter La Peza was in the background, although economic “backwardness” has allowed to retain one of the medieval city centers and interesting Moriscos in the region.

Today La Peza, with more than 50 km. forest trails, suitable for different types of routes, through well-preserved natural areas, offers all the attractions for rural tourism.

Path: Circular

Difficulty: media

Duration approx. 3 hours

Hiking distance: 9.8 km.

Maximum height: 1,215 m.

Minimum height: 989 m.


Our starting point is the recreational area of ​​the Fuente de la Gitana, a few km. La Peza, where we fill our water bottles with pure water flowing artesian ground in this birth. The road starts climbing up a steep slope covered with oaks until you reach a lane. From here the road becomes flat by between a typical Mediterranean wood, leaving above the farmhouse Gallo. Later we connect with other main lane and into a pine forest, from where we have a wonderful view over the valley of the river Fardes. Later, a firewall, which descends from the watershed of the Cerro del Gallo, crosses our track. On the right, following the firewall, we descend to a ditch next to Pardes. If we turn a few meters, you can visit the former power of the early twentieth century, the factory of Santo Cristo de la Fe, known as the Factory of Light, within which there is a water spring where we will refresh. We return, following the ditch, to the point of connection of the path of the firewall, and move approximately one kilometer to go out to a dirt track that runs along the ravine Malajara and to the port of the same name. A few meters, turn right, go down a path that leads to the Botines Mill, next to the La Peza – Quéntar, and which arrived within minutes to the starting point.