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The spa resort of Alicún is located north of the region of Guadix, in the municipality of Villanueva de las Torres.

The presence of hot springs (at a temperature of 35 ° C) and its strategic position between two valleys have favored human settlements since prehistoric times.

It is located, near the hill Mencal in depression intrabética Sierra Nevada-Baza and near the confluence of the Fardes and Gor rivers, tributaries of the Guadiana Menor. The presence of hot springs (at a temperature of 35 ° C) and its strategic position between two valleys, have favored human settlements since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the presence of traces of the Upper Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Culture Argar. In the third century A.D. buildings for accommodation of users of the first hot springs, which was followed by public baths under the Arab domination since the ninth century rise. Currently visitors will find a modern spa resort in a unique setting.

Path: Circular

Difficulty: Low

Duration approx. 45 minutes

Hiking distance: 2.6 km.

Maximum height: 791 m.

Minimum height: 745 m.


This short trail is fraught with cultural and natural beauty. We begin this route from the spa on up the road to take a few meters a dirt track that takes us into a small limestone plateau with numerous dolmens in very good condition. After visiting these, between rosemary and esparto, we will start down a path that crosses an ancient settlement of the Upper Paleolithic. Down and walk alongside a strange half human formation natural environment. It is a limestone wall formed over time by precipitation and sedimentation of water salts driving around in it (the group of sulfated and calcium-magnesium bicarbonate). What was once a simple irrigation channel at ground level probably to drive the waters to the Palaeolithic settlement, today has at different heights distances exceeding 15 meters at a length of approximately one kilometer. This travertine formation is valued as unusual in the world. Before the end of this circular route we will cross another set of dolmens to return to our starting point for a beautiful dirt road next to orchards.